Leaving the EU will have its impact on all areas of our lives as UK citizens, but what about the world of work? The truth is that there will be some changes but the impact is yet to be known and understood. See below a few initial thoughts on the work-related challenges.

Questions from employees

There’s likely to be questions and queries from staff and employees about how this decision will impact them. Unless you’re in an industry or Company where the impact is immediate and obvious you won’t be able to answer their queries. But you do have the opportunity to communicate with employees and reassure them that they will be kept informed of any progress. Remember your duty of care as an employer during this period of uncertainty.

Changes to employment law

Our employment law and its relation to EU employment law is extremely complicated. Even as part of the EU we currently have less employee rights than most of our European neighbours. Any considerations to changing employment law will come in the fullness of time when new trade deals have been negotiated and understood. The CIPD consider that we currently have the right balance of flexibility and will be making the case to maintain the status quo.

Free movement of labour – what happens to current and future EU employees?

It’s very likely that Leaving the EU will restrict free movement of labour as we know it. An alternative system, such as a points system, will be considered and introduced. According to the CIPD ‘there is no significant threat to the rights of EEA workers already in the UK’ so this should reassure any EEA employees you have.

We will know more in the fullness of time. If you have any questions, please call me on 07769 658075.

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