Staying on the right side of the law

A Warwickshire retailer had discovered an employee that was allegedly stealing stock. Because the retailer was already a client of Hartwell HR there was already a policy already in place to deal with the process, which is a legal requirement; however given the serious nature of the allegations and the technical process they had to follow, they sought further advice and assistance from Harwell HR.

Hartwell HR worked with the management team with a consultative approach to give them the confidence and skills to lead the process, while providing ‘hands on’, practical support in meetings. Our consultant ensured that the statutory processes were followed, that the correct and comprehensive paperwork was in place ensuring that they were legally compliant at all times. The business owners had peace of mind that the situation was being dealt with in the correct manner, thus reducing the possibility of any further action by the employee being taken.

Lucy Jenkinson, Founder of Hartwell HR maintains, “This business had the foresight to get us involved at an early stage. We tailored our approach to suit our client and on this occasion provided onsite coaching, support in meetings and a document review that supported a fair and legally compliant process. I’ve known other clients contact me, sadly part-way through a non-compliant process, or after they’ve dismissed an employee, and the risks to the business range from serious sanctions being ineffective, to a potential (and legitimate) claim in excess of £13,000. Just using common sense in your approach to dealing with disciplinary or grievance matters is often not legally compliant, and therefore exposes the business and its owners at significant risk of lawsuits. This can easily be averted by consulting local HR professionals like us and doesn’t have to cost the earth”.