With the rise and rise of social media and mobile devises in the workplace employers are rightly concerned about the impact of such casual social commentary in the workplace.  What if an employee blogs, posts or tweets something inappropriate or offensive?  What if it makes another employee feel uncomfortable?  What if customers see it?    What impact would this have on your reputation and ultimately the bottom line?  What would you do and how would you handle it?

Firstly the best advice is to have a social media policy in place explaining your standards and expectations about what is and isn’t acceptable, and the consequences if the policy isn’t adhered to.  Next you need to ensure your employees understand and can reference the policy.  And finally you need to consistently implement the policy, backing up your expectations with your employees.

I can’t guarantee this will mean you won’t face issues, but having clear rules and guidelines is going to reduce your chances of situations developing, and protect you as a business if they do.

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