The short answer is yes – but this isn’t anything to do with Brexit. This isn’t a new requirement, but given our current sensitive European situation such requests need to be handled with care.

All employers are legally required to have proof that their employees are eligible to work in the UK from day one of their employment. And employers can be fined up so £20,000 PER EMPLOYEE for negligently employing illegal workers, and a potential prison sentence if the employer knew. Since 12th July 2016 a potential prison sentence is also a risk for employers who had reasonable cause to believe that the employee didn’t have permission to work in the UK. So all the more reason to be extra rigorous in this process.

It’s best practice to get evidence from any potential employees at the application stage of the recruitment process, a practice that many larger firms adapt. But the absolute minimum process should be making sure that the correct evidence and proof of eligibility to work in the UK is captured on day 1 of employment.

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