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Why do I need a casual dress policy?

Last week saw an outsourcing firm update its policy on the requirement for women in certain roles to wear high heels after a massive media and public backlash against their former policy.  Their...

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Social Media and Employees

With the rise and rise of social media and mobile devises in the workplace employers are rightly concerned about the impact of such casual social commentary in the workplace.  What if an employee...

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Sub-contractor or Employee?

I recently talked to a local employer who had to pay HMRC over £14,000 in taxes.  The contractor working with them had failed to pay his taxes for 5 years and HMRC could see that he wasn’t a...

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Staying on the right side of the law

Staying on the right side of the law A Warwickshire retailer had discovered an employee that was allegedly stealing stock. Because the retailer was already a client of Hartwell HR there was already a policy already in place to deal with the process, which is a legal...

When a staff error costs your customer thousands of pounds

An independent service provider discovered that one of their staff members had not followed a business basic procedure for which they were employed to do. This action had left one of their major clients facing potential losses running into the several thousands of...


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