An independent service provider discovered that one of their staff members had not followed a business basic procedure for which they were employed to do. This action had left one of their major clients facing potential losses running into the several thousands of pounds. This client had as a result started looking at alternative service providers. The loss of this clients business would have a significant and severe impact on the Company.

The Company were very concerned and knew that an investigation into the causes would be complex, time-consuming, and there were potentially very serious consequences for the employee involved. Lucy Jenkinson of Hartwell HR was engaged to conduct an independent investigation. Understanding the company, its HR processes and the minefield of HR legislation she set out to understand the situation and determine how best to approach it.

During the course of the investigation another serious but un-related issue arose that also required investigation.
A disciplinary meeting was convened to take the appropriate steps and resolve the matter. Lucy Jenkinson chaired this meeting to make sure that proceedings were legal and fair, in addition to procedural guidance to the disciplinary hearing manager. Matters were further complicated by the unanticipated resignation of the discontented employee part-way through the process. This proverbial “curve ball” that took the whole process in a completely different direction.

“This case was complex and commercially sensitive. As with many such cases, there were some unexpected events that happen throughout the investigation and disciplinary process. These require technical agility and experience to navigate. I am pleased to say that, in my opinion, the ultimate resolution was commercially, practically and legally sound.” Lucy Jenkinson, MD of Hartwell HR