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Solving your HR problems

When you employ people, you want a happy performing team in place, helping you deliver your goals. No one wants the stress and worry of dealing with a difficult people issue, but it’s a part of business. Hartwell HR supports you in finding the best solution, freeing up your time to focus on your own expertise.

Keeping your business HR compliant

It makes commercial sense to protect and enhance your business with the right documents and procedures. Reducing employment law related risks and increasing your team’s performance will save you time and improve your profit. Hartwell HR can advise you and put the contracts and policies you need in place.

Employ with confidence

Being informed and understanding your options gives you the confidence to make decisions and to act on them.

Having practical HR support and advice to hand empowers you as an employer to lead your team to success, handle difficult situations well and avoid costly mistakes. Replacing stress and uncertainty with confidence and action.

Hartwell HR is a Warwickshire based HR Consultancy operating from Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, Leamington and Coventry, managing HR for small to medium business owners across Warwickshire and specialising in:

  • Employee related services
  • HR compliance
  • Contracts, policies and handbooks

You can take up our offer of a free initial consultation by telephone / in person to understand your situation and offer help with an immediate problem.  We can assess your business’s HR needs and make recommendations on actions that will help you improve your business profitability.

We don’t just give advice, we become a part of your team, doing regular HR work for you, or when needed. Freeing up your time.

Case study

Staying on the right side of the law

A Warwickshire retailer had discovered an employee that was allegedly stealing stock. Because the retailer was already a client of Hartwell HR there was already a policy in place to deal with the process, which is a legal requirement. However, given the serious nature of the allegations and the technical process they had to follow, they sought further advice and assistance from Harwell HR.


Local HR Expertise

Giving you easy access to commercial HR expertise at a local level, with a friendly senior consultant who has experience of putting HR policies into practice and managing a range of HR issues. Based in Stratford upon Avon, Warwick and Leamington and working across the Warwickshire area.

HR Related Business Services

Working closely with trusted associates who can help you with a range of employment and organisational services including recruitment and health and safety, so you can save time on sourcing suppliers for these specialist areas.


Founded in 2013, following many years of experience in corporate HR environments. CIPD qualified, teaching seminars on best HR practice in industry, advising a broad range of established clients across market sectors including manufacturing, estate agency and retail.


Your HR needs will change as your business grows. We offer a bespoke service and documents designed to individually meet your requirements. You can choose for ad hoc work to be done or you can involve Hartwell HR as part of your team on an ongoing basis, helping to grow your business successfully.

Hartwell HR beliefs ..

Trust in your people’s purpose and potential, is at the heart of business success
Great HR management is both practical and commercial
Businesses with inspiring HR management grow faster

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